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Posted April 05,2021 20:26
By Johnathan Price
The Outdoor Experience

We are thankful for The Outdoor Experience and their recent donation to the Rescue Squad’s High Angle Rope Rescue Team. This donation, totaling over $2,000, will help our team affect the rescue of many who will need our services over the lifetime of the rope and storage bag.

Pictured are Rope Rescue Team Captain Eddy Haynes and Sawyer Campbell, of The Outdoor Experience.

Sawyer and store owner, Heather Call, held a special giveback day following the March 3, 2020 tornado. After overhearing a conversation about equipment being used and some damaged during the response, Heather and her team hosted a giveback event, donating the store’s proceeds for the entire event day to the Rescue Squad. It is partners like The Outdoor Experience, Heather, and Sawyer that help the Rescue Squad have the equipment needed to help those in need. Thank you to all those who made a special trip to shop and purchase that day in support of our mission. You can learn more about The Outdoor Experience on their Facebook page, Twitter @theoutdoorexp, and their website:

Posted October 06,2020 09:02
By David Troglin
Difficult Rescue

On Sunday, October 4th, 2020 several members of the Putnam County Rescue Squad responded to the western portion of the county to rescue an injured dog. On arrival members found the injured Collie several hundred feet down into a very steep ravine.  The rescue required over 1500 feet of rope to rig the haul system. The dog was placed into a portable dog kennel and hauled out of the ravine.  The dog was returned home safely and was eating, drinking and walking around when crew members left.