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Posted August 04,2023 21:34
By Jason Bohannon
Preplan for Local State Parks

The Putnam County Rescue Squad is called to assist our local State Parks. Members spent the day in Window Cliff Natural Area, working with staff from Burgess Falls Park preparing for calls for assistance. Members assisted our emergency planners and dispatchers by helping to improve our GIS maps of the natural area. Points of interests, along with mile markers and creek crossings were digitally mapped. This will aid in decreasing the time to reach a person in need at various a… See more

Posted August 04,2023 21:26
By Jason Bohannon
Water Rescue for Missing Person

This response shows that the uniform does not matter. Today was a great example of everyone working together to accomplish the same goal. Job well done by all of our first responders. See the Press Release from Algood Police Department.

July 3, 2023
Missing Person Recovery
This morning Algood Police Department responded to a group home that reported a missing person. The person of interest had intellectual difficulties. Due to the semi-rural area of the search, APD requested assistance from the Putman County Sheriff’s Office K-9 and Drone Units.
PCSO quickly deployed and a K-9 track was established. The drone was able to locate the missing person in the swamp adjacent to HWY 111. She was too far out to reach safely; therefore, the Putnam County Rescue Squad was notified, and they responded with their water rescue team.
The water rescue team was able to safely reach her and extract her from the swamp.
PCEMS on scene was able to provide warming blankets and triage and transported her to Cookeville Regional Hospital for examination.
APD would like to thank our “partners” for working together to bring about a successful rescue. Without their quick response, with the needed resources, this situation could have gone from rescue to a recovery operation.

Posted August 04,2023 21:14
By Jason Bohannon
Structural Collapse Class

Putnam County Rescue Squad members recently attended a structural collapse class. Members worked on structural collapse techniques and shoring unsafe structures. This allows us to build the team up with knowledge to provide the community and county the best service possible.

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